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e-filing Your Tax Return

Why should you e-file?

 A report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) in Sept. of 2009 indicated that the error rate for paper-filed returns is considerably higher than for e-filed returns.  The report estimates that there is a 25-percent error rate on paper-filed returns, where the error rate for e-filed returns is historically less than 2.5 percent.  You might find it interesting to know that it costs the Treasury 35 cents to process an e-filed tax return versus $2.87 for paper-filed tax returns.  Based on these estimates, and the estimated number of paper-filed returns, the Treasury spent a staggering $192 million just on paper return processing!  TIGTA's report is available at
The Internal Revenue Service announced that they received nearly 90 million tax returns through e-file in 2008.  Each year, more taxpayers are learning how safe, convenient and timesaving e-filing can be.  
Reasons for e-filing your tax return(s) include:


  • You'll receive your refund in half the time.
  • E-filing is the most accurate and fastest way possible to file your tax return. 
  • You receive an acknowledgement from the IRS, so you know your return has been received and accepted.
  • You can file your federal and state tax returns together in most states.
  • You can pay your balance due electronically when you use an authorized IRS e-file provider.

Numerous security measures are in place to ensure your tax information is as secure OR more secure than tax returns sent in the mail.  Specifically:

-  Only pre-approved software can be used to transmit your tax information to the IRS.

-  To transmit your tax return electronically, each tax professional must be an "Authorized IRS e-file Provider".  The IRS conducts background checks, including fingerprint verification, of all approved electronic return originators (EROs).

-  The information transmitted is in a format that is hard to read compared to traditional paper tax returns. 

If you haven't filed electronically before, consider doing so this upcoming tax season.  Remember, SmarTax & Accounting, Inc. will e-file your tax return(s) for free!